I've always been creative, with a background in dance and theatre, though it was when I stumbled into jewelry design that I really found my niche. I am a girl after all and have always loved all things sparkly. When a friend took me into a bead shop for the very first time, I was hooked immediately. My new-found hobby quickly turned into my dream career of designing my own line of jewelry. I've taken every jewelry design and construction class I could manage and many of my skills are self-taught. I find inspiration everywhere, always noticing shapes, colors, and lines.

My designs have evolved much over the years and my favorite pieces are simple but with a creative twist, a geometric shape accented with some organic-style beads for example. My special keepsake collection offers beautiful choices for that special gift. 

When I'm not designing jewelry, I can be found spending time with my son, Benjamin, cooking, reading, and working out.